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Founded in 1971 in Saint Malo, Phytomer is the pioneer brand in Marine Cosmetics. As the undisputed expert in marine cosmetology, Phytomer spreads its passion for beauty, the sea and well-being across the world. Present in beauty salons and spas and, since 1999, in cosmetics shops and department stores, Phytomer is an essential brand in the Beauty Profession. Pure Liquid always maintains a full stock of Phytomer Ogenage and Vie lines.



We haven’t decided to start styling hair too; but, as hair is really skin and as this is one of the most fabulous products we have found, we had to start carrying it!  Moroccanoil is a unique, ultralight, non-greasy formula of Argan oil that seals in shine producing silky perfection for all hair types.  It is truly a hair oil that does NOT leave your hair oily.  Other benefits increased manageability; less frizz; enhanced color and color that lasts longer; increased elasticity; great shine and gloss.  On top of all this, it smells great!