Self Heating Mud Pack


Originally designed for use by physical therapists on patients with severe injuries or suffering from extreme pain, self-heating mud can be used as a full body wrap or as spot treatment for areas needing special attention.

Total Time: Varies



Body Revitalizer


Awaken your senses, while engaging your body’s defenses. Strengthen the immune system, stimulate your circulation and lymphatic systems, and encourage skin cell renewal with DRY BRUSHING. Your body is brushed from toe to head using vigorous rhythmic strokes with a natural bristle brush, cleansed with warm towels and massaged with oils, rich in anti-oxidants.

Total Time: : 90 minutes



Customized Body Treatments

All body treatments can be customized for you by adding hot or cold stones, aromatics or self-heating mud at an additional fee.

All services can be purchased as a six treatment package for the price of five.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.