The Pure Liquid Classic


The basis of all our facials. A thorough analysis of your skin is performed by one of our professional aestheticians to determine your skin care needs. Extractions, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage followed by a hydrating cream mask completes this fabulous treatment. This facial is excellent for all skin types.

Total Time: 60 minutes



Microlift Facial


The de-aging benefits of this facial begin with delivery of a micro-current, (a low level, safe and soothing electrotherapy) to the contours of the face. In combination with the cleansing, exfoliation and deep hydration of a Pure Liquid Classic facial, the results are phenomenal.

Total Time: : 75 minutes | $65 (treatment only)



Problem Skin


When the skin requires special attention from conditions such as acne, discoloration, clogged pores, excessive oily skin or dry skin, we can customize a facial to meet your particular skin care needs. Your skin will be rebalanced and remineralized leaving you with a clean and radiant complexion. We will also prescribe a home-care regimen to promote healthy skin based on your individual needs.

Total Time: : 60 minutes



Gentlemen’s Facial


This is a customized Classic Facial for his special skin care needs. We address sensitivity due to shaving, pollution, fatigue and stress. After this treatment his skin will feel clean, smooth, refreshed and renewed.

Total Time: : 60 minutes



Back View Facial


The most neglected part of the body gets special attention with its own treatment. Exfoliation followed by extraction or sacred stone stress relief makes this a purely perfect treatment. Ideal for problem skin or skin that just needs some pampering to create a truly great “back view”.

Total Time: : 60 minutes



Intensive Facial Rejuvenation


This non-acidic natural biological treatment is suitable for all skin types, producing immediate and spectacular results by removing dead cell accumulations. Skin is retextured, fine lines are smoothed and post acne scars are less visible. A series of six treatments is recommended for best results.

$95 (extraction only) | $125 (w/ facial)



Facial Upgrades


The eye area is the first to show signs of aging and fatigue. This unique treatment is a necessity. A specialized massage followed by a supple and comforting eye mask delivers therapeutic elements for the improved appearance of this sensitive area.

$35 (w/ facial)